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Hullo, I’m Abe.  I suppose I’m not going to make you read some wordy history lesson on myself filled with fancy jargon from the third person.  I tried to write one, but after reading & editing, re-reading & re-editing, it just felt… cold.

(If you’re into that sort of thing then click here)


Instead, I’ll answer a few simple questions as honestly as I can.

Who are you?

Who knows? As I type this, I am a 25 yr old self-taught artist living and working in Los Angeles. I love to paint and write, and I foresee a lifelong relationship with my imagination.


In previous lives (both long and short), I have been a football player at the University of Pennsylvania, a photographer, songwriter, corporate ant, entrepreneur of sorts, delivery driver, personal trainer, and many other things.  It’s quite the world we live in.  I try not to take myself too seriously, but also am serious about my self-taught vocation.  


My intent is to keep making art until my last breath. 

What becomes of such an intent remains to be seen.

Why do you make art?

Good one. I’m not exactly technically talented + I didn’t go to school for art. I think that the answer naturally evolves as time hurries along. Sometimes I have absolutely no clue, yet sometimes I feel immutable conviction. One thing is certain; along with every creative before me, my work grows from the conditions of our shared mortality. If you’ll allow me to be horribly dramatic:

The millions of lives I’ve dreamed of living but know I cannot live because of our physical limitations…  

Art provides a space for each of them to live and breathe and dance and weep and die, bleeding out on the canvas, proof of life.


If the reaper walks beside each of us… every work of art I make, I defy him– I spit on his shoes, remove my trousers, and shake my bare ass in his face. 

And each time I muster the bravery to do so, I leave behind the breadcrumbs of my soul


or something like that.  

How would you describe your art?

I hope that my work reflects my curiosity and love for this world.  As I wade thru the absurd river of wonders & horrors that is the 21st century, I frequently find myself pulled by an urgent compulsion to create.  Inspiration is everywhere, within us, and around us, and every compulsion is an opportunity to learn– a call to adventure. 

The results are experimentative, imperfect, stylistically sporadic, and all over the place… but they’re human.  Each work is imbued with my meaning– the entire humanity of one being, both material and metaphysical.  


I’m not sure if that means anything but I’ll leave that for you to decide.  

If you made it this far I love you

Happy hunting,



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